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Patient Estimates


This is an estimation and not an agreement nor definitive benefit. UPMC in Central Pa has made every effort to provide accurate and useful information; however, patients’ actual costs will vary depending on the specifics of their medical condition and healthcare needs. The average price presented is primarily for hospital services only. However, should a physician fee amount be presented, this estimate is based on the services of employed UPMC in Central Pa providers and would only be applicable for services rendered by a provider employed by UPMC. It will not include all physician services such as, but not limited to, a surgeon, anesthesiologist, radiologist, cardiologist, etc. not employed by UPMC in Central Pa. This physician fee information is included as an effort to provide you a better estimate of the entire costs that you can incur, but cannot be considered a confirmation of your total out-of-pocket costs. If insured, the amount that you are responsible for paying will be determined by the financial arrangement between your health insurance plan and UPMC in Central Pa, along with your health insurance plan design. The amount will be affected by your coverage level (e.g., single, family, etc.), out-of-pocket expense (e.g., deductible, coinsurance, and copayment), out-of-pocket limits, covered services, and other contractual terms. Please contact your insurance plan for more information. Funds paid in excess of the stated balance due may be used to satisfy other outstanding balances due from the patient for services provided to the patient by UPMC. If uninsured or under-insured, this estimate does not consider the discounts available through the UPMC in Central Pa Charity Care and Financial Assistance program. If you are unable to meet your payment requirement, please do not forgo or cancel any service that your doctor has ordered or scheduled until you have consulted with our financial counselor, who will assist you in applying for financial assistance. To learn more about our Charity Care and Financial Assistance program, please contact our financial aid representative at (717) 231-8989 Option 3, or (877) 499-3899 Option 3. For any other questions, you can reach one of our financial counselors at UPMC Harrisburg (717) 782-3114 or (717) 782-5196; UPMC Community Osteopathic (717) 657-7117; UPMC West Shore (717) 988-1086; UPMC Hanover (717) 316-3332 or (717) 316-7116; UPMC Memorial (717) 849-5457 or (717) 849-5438; UPMC Carlisle (717) 960-3461 or (717) 960-3442; and UPMC Lititz (717) 291-8293 or (717) 230-3498. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, go to the nearest Emergency Department immediately or dial 911. A medical emergency is a sudden and unexpected sickness or illness, including severe pain, that would lead a reasonable person to believe that this condition requires immediate medical attention and failure to provide medical attention would result in serious harm to bodily functions or organs, or would place the person's health or that of a fetus in serious jeopardy.

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